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A Professional Participates In A Micro Credential Course Online

What Are Micro Credentials?

What Are Micro Credentials?

Micro credentials are exactly what the name alludes to. They are official credentials or certifications earned through accelerated, concise learning programs, shorter than a typical college course. Micro credentials typically require a series of live sessions, online recordings, or self-taught courses followed by a final exam testing subject mastery and comprehension. Official networks with corporate partnerships or accredited universities typically offer these credentials. 

While professionals often choose to take micro credential courses on their own, some companies actively promote employee growth by offering courses or financial credit.

How to Earn a Micro Credential

First, you must find the right certification for your career growth and development. Micro credentials are offered for nearly every career path, focus area, and skill set—including human resources (HR), teaching, marketing, language, economics, business, leadership, and more.

Once the right certification is identified, find trusted partners, like HREN, that offer micro credential courses and sign up to participate. Pay attention to whether the course is a live series of classes or on-demand education before registering. Passing the final exam at the end of the course will earn you an official micro credential.

Young woman studies for online micro credential course

How to Use a Micro Credential for Career Advancement

Discovering the answer to, “What are micro credentials?” is only a piece of the puzzle. Even more important is understanding what can be done with micro credentials and how they can be leveraged for career growth and advancement. When you earn a micro credential, you earn a digital badge. You can easily add this digital badge to several places in your portfolio, and it serves as a quick way for potential employers to verify the credential.

Once earned, a digital badge recipient should add it to resumes, professional profiles, and all applicable social media sites. This will help notify potential future employers and talent scouts of additional skills. Beyond putting them on paper, be vocal about new credentials earned. Post to networks like LinkedIn to share growth and highlight achievements to others.

As a bonus, for those attending live classes—online or in person—the ability to interact with others in the same field is a chance to network with relevant professionals. Be sure to take advantage of time spent with others in the class. Reach out, chat, ask questions, and engage with the instructors and students alike.

An interviewer reviews a resume for micro credentials with a candidate

Where to Find Micro Credentials for HR Careers

While there are plenty of courses and certificates for professionals of any career, HR Education Network (HREN) is a dedicated partner to help HR workers of all experience levels progress to the next step. 

HREN offers multiple micro credentials in workplace safety, DEI, employee relations, KPIs, and the future of work. These programs range from 3-10 hour virtual seminars with a final exam at the end. The professionals can view these videos at their convenience and replay if needed. Each completed course earns credit toward SHRM and HRCI. 

Start a micro credential course with full transparency. Before adding to the cart or checking out, every HREN course provides an overview of the total hours required, credits earned, the number and name of the instructors, thorough course description, and recommended experience level. Credly verifies each course; each will earn you a digital badge upon passing the final exam.

A woman sits with a group of HR professionals at a table after passing her micro credential course

Get Started Today

For HR professionals looking to stand apart from other candidates or to continue advancing their career with further certifications, completing one micro credential course (or five!) is a solid step in the right direction. Micro credential courses are a good way to improve skills and stay relevant with industry demands without excessive time commitment.

Explore HREN’s list of various on-demand micro credential courses today. Don’t know where to start? Begin with a three-hour course like The Future of Work, or jump right into a six-credit course like Employee Relations.


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