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Workers Holding Pens And Notepads While Having A Meeting At A Wooden Table About Their Careers In HR

Why Human Resources Is a Good Career

Wondering if a Human Resources career is right for you? HR is a growing industry with job stability, a diverse work field, opportunities for personal growth, and the chance to make a positive impact with your work. If you are…

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A Conference Room With People Having A Meeting About HR Leadership Around A Table

How Human Resources Has Evolved

Nearly every worker interacts with an HR professional, from the moment they are interviewing for a job to retiring from the workforce. With Human Resources so heavily involved in the modern workforce, it’s hard to imagine a time when it…

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Two Women Speaking In A Workplace About The Future Of HR With A Tablet Between Them

Essential HR Trends and Skills to Master in 2024

There are some skills that HR professionals have been expected to know for a long time, including strategic thinking, conflict resolution, and organization. But with emerging HR technology, societal shifts, and new employee expectations come new skills that HR professionals…

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A Woman Taking Notes In A Notebook While Reading Something On Her Computer To Complete Her HR Certifications

Your Complete Guide to Understanding HR Certifications

What HR certifications are available, and which is the right one for you? You will likely get multiple certifications throughout your HR career. Knowing what, when, and how to get these certifications will create the footholds you need to progress…

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Employees Being Trained In A Conference Room With All Of Their Laptops Open

The Best Active Shooter Training for Businesses

Unfortunately, being prepared for an active shooter situation is a part of living in our current world. And while that isn’t a reality we like, it is a reality we should be adequately prepared for. That’s where active shooter training…

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A Woman Smiling In An Entry Level HR Job Interview

Common Entry-Level HR Jobs and Requirements

To start on your HR career path, finding the ideal first job is an important step to take. Here, we will look at common entry-level HR jobs, what sort of education and experience you’ll need to apply, and how to…

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A Professional Woman With Human Resource Manager Job Responsibilities Sitting At An Office Desk With Papers

What Is the Role of a Human Resource Manager?

Every successful organization has to have an effective and efficient Human Resource Manager. Their role in helping recruit, educate, and retain good employees is one of the most vital roles in a company’s well-being.  But what exactly does an HR…

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