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An HR Professional In A Job Interview After Completing HR Recertification

In-Demand HR Competencies to Develop Right Now

If you’re looking into applying for HR jobs, wanting a promotion, or simply wanting to be a better employee, there are always HR skills and competencies to develop further. And while all HR competencies are useful, there are a few…

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An HR Generalist Talking To A Colleague

What Do HR Generalists Do? A Full Breakdown

An HR generalist is someone who has both a broad range of skills and someone who will be required to do a broad range of tasks. A typical day for an HR generalist varies based on the needs of their team or business, and that variation requires an HR professional to have a wide range of knowledge of the HR industry.
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A Woman Studying Which HR Certification Is Best In A Modern Office Space

How to Get HR Certification Without Experience

Obtaining a Human Resources (HR) certification can be a pivotal step in launching a successful career in human resources and toward professional growth. However, many individuals face a common challenge—how to get HR certification without experience in the field.
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Corporate Training

Just Ask Jess – Staff Training Options

Collaborating with organizations nationwide, HR Education Network specializes in tailoring HR certification test preparation programs and comprehensive HR recertification/continuing education libraries for your Human Resources teams.
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