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Corporate Training

Just Ask Jess – Staff Training Options

We are thrilled to introduce the numerous ways in which HR Education Network can enhance your role as an HR professional and facilitate staff training. Collaborating with organizations nationwide, HR Education Network specializes in tailoring HR certification test preparation programs and comprehensive HR recertification/continuing education libraries for your Human Resources teams.

Our diverse range of courses not only caters to HR professionals but also extends its relevance to individuals across your entire organization. Additionally, we have access to content generated by our affiliate company, ACPEN. While ACPEN primarily focuses on providing continuing education for accountants, CPAs, and financial professionals, a significant portion of their content is applicable across various employment sectors. For more insights into ACPEN’s offerings, feel free to explore their website at

Experience the convenience and cost-effectiveness of HREN Group Video Webcasts, a powerful tool for delivering top-notch interactive recertification training to your office. To delve deeper into this exciting aspect, don’t miss out on this week’s episode of “Just Ask Jess.”

Do you have a question for Jess or interested in training your organization? Feel free to contact Jessica anytime at

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