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KPI Micro-Credential Program


Credit Total: 1 Credits: Business: 10 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Bernie Smith Duration: 10 Hours Course Level: 0 SKU: 489635 Category: Tag:


Choosing the right KPIs, setting targets to make them move in the right direction and designing incentives that work can be a daunting and complex task. 

This package includes three structured logical tools to help you do this. 

The first course is a one-hour introduction to a powerful KPI design and implementation method aimed at larger or mission-based enterprises – the ROKS Enterprise approach. This introduces the simple but powerful technique of ‘KPI Trees’ as well as other powerful methods for reducing the number of KPIs and defining them clearly. 

For smaller or less complex organizations there is the comprehensive KPI Bootcamp. The KPI Bootcamp is an accelerated KPI design and implementation system which includes over 400 commonly used KPIs with full definitions and worked examples. Not only does it help you choose your KPIs, it includes an Excel toolkit (no subscriptions or licenses involved) to help you get up and running with your new reports and dashboards as quickly as possible.  

Performance measures on their own do not deliver performance improvement. The third course takes a deep-dive into how to set robust, game-proofed targets and incentives that really deliver. 

All three courses include a rich selection of well designed tools and templates to help you achieve your performance measurement, target and incentive design goals.

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