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2024 Design Flexible Work Options To Attract & Retain Your Workforce


Credit Total: 1 Credits: General: 1 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Kelly Simants Duration: 1 Hour Course Level: All Levels SKU: 620076 Categories: , ,


With increasing competition for finding the best qualified candidates and retaining today’s workforce, it’s more important than ever to consider flexible work options in the workplace. We will review the most popular flexible work options your company could consider implementing: telecommuting, compressed work weeks, flexible hours, phased return from leave of absence, job sharing, early release days, and more! We’ll discuss the benefits of this talent management strategy, including increased productivity, decreased costs, better work-life “integration”, and increased employee engagement and satisfaction. You’ll learn how to propose flexible scheduling to your executive team, including how to logistically roll out this program. Whether you’re in a manufacturing plant, corporate headquarters, or retail industry you can apply any of these flexible work options to your organization. 

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1 Hour

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