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Promote Internal Whistleblowing and Succeed in Creating a Strong Speak Up Culture


Credit Total: 1 Credits: Ethics: 1 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Robin Rohmer Duration: 1 Hour Course Level: All Levels SKU: 607368 Categories: , ,


The Department of Justice updated guidance regarding their evaluations of Corporate Compliance Programs in March 2023: “Prosecutors should assess whether the company’s complaint-handling process includes proactive measures to create a workplace atmosphere without fear of retaliation, appropriate processes for the submission of complaints, and processes to protect whistleblowers.”

This course offers recommendations for employers to consider when developing or augmenting an internal complaint handling process. Organizations benefit when whistleblowers trust the process and choose to promptly report their concerns internally. The measures offered promote a strong speak up culture and align with the Department of Justice's guidance. 

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1 Hour

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