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HR Certification Test Prep – Boot Camp

HR Education Network is proud to partner with HR Certified to bring a unique opportunity to those who were impacted by the recent wave of lay-offs in the US or those who are currently between roles or in transition.

While we know that this time may feel difficult, stressful, and unexpected, we think that many now have the opportunity to use the new found time to work toward their personal and professional goals. Below are several products that will help you use the next several weeks to work toward your HR Certification. You can embark on a self-study journey by purchasing our video product or self-study program with HRCP materials and videos. Or, join our full Boot Camp beginning November 29th. This instructor-led program is also available with coaching options for those who need additional help navigating test preparation or those who want general coaching on growing their HR careers.

This program is deeply discounted to help make it accessible for those in transition and the program will require 3-4 hours a day. Please complete this short survey to confirm eligibility. Once you complete and review, we will provide you with a code to access the discounted pricing.

Available Boot Camp Products

No products were found matching your selection.

Discounted Pricing 
 Video Add-On
399.00 – Price with Discount: 249.00
Video + HRCP Materials
800.00 – Price with Discount: 549.00
HR Certification Test Prep
1000.00 – Price with Discount 749.00
HR Certification Test Prep  + Coaching
1200.00 – Price with Discount – 999.99
Complete survey to get discount code.
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