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How to Maintain Your HR Certification

Obtaining your HR certification helps you demonstrate your expertise in key HR responsibilities. However, once you’ve earned your HR certification, you’ll need to maintain it with Recertification credits. Recertification activities not only count as credits, but they also put you in the best position to grow and evolve in your role as an HR professional.

If you’re thinking about getting certified or need information on keeping your certification valid, here’s everything you need to know to maintain your HR certification.

Why You Should Maintain Your HR Certification

When you maintain your HR certification, you’re continuously learning and improving your skills. This, in turn, helps with the overall success of your company and positions you as a vital member of the team.

“Like most fields of study, the HR landscape is ever-changing, and you have to be a lifelong learner to be effective in your role,” says Jessica Vieira, HR Education Network Affiliate Manager. “You’re proving your continuing competence in HR and showing your commitment to continuing competence ― not only at the time of initial certification but throughout the advancement of your HR career.”
How Long Are Most HR Certifications Valid?

Currently, both Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and HR Certification Institute (HRCI®) certifications require Recertification every three years. Expiration dates and hours may vary depending on your certification. In general, recertification requires up to 60 hours of approved professional growth activities or continuing education units. You may also choose to retake your certification exam to recertify.

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Ways to Recertified

There are many activities you can do throughout your career to add to your hours for recertification. Major certification providers, such as SHRM and HRCI® allow you to earn credit for a broad range of professional achievements and continued learning activities. Here are just a few you can report on:

● HR seminars
● Webinars
● Industry approved books and podcasts
● Online courses
● Conferences
● Implementing a new program at work
● Serving as a volunteer HR expert
● Conducting original HR-related research
● Maintaining an HR membership

HR Education Network Recertification Course Topics

If you’re not quite sure where to start, we have a full library of SHRM and HRCI approved resources in our catalog to get you on your way to earning credits. Our HR Recertification course catalog includes a wide range of topics that may speak to your experience as an HR professional. Here’s a look at some of the course topics we provide:

● Technology
● Change Management
● Diversity
● Communication
● Leadership
● Business Acumen
● Employee Labor Relations

Recertification Courses That Work for You

We know many of you have busy careers, that’s why it’s important to digest information that works for you and your schedule. HR Education Network courses are available as live or live webcast replays and are available at varying times multiple times each month for your convenience. And, you can participate in these online video courses from the comfort of your home or office.

Enter Your Recertification Activities as You Go

Just as many professionals keep up with their resumes, be sure to enter your credits in your profile from your certification provider as soon as you earn them. This helps ensure you don’t forget any trainings you have done that could count towards your recertification. Don’t forget to provide a detailed description and upload supporting documentation as well.
If you’re trying to get your HR certification or would like to recertify, our experts at HR Education Network can help. Contact us today so we can get you started.

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