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Tired of Feeling Drained by Complainers? Build Your Immunity to People’s Negativity




Ever feel like Human Resources is the complaint department and you’re expected to have all the answers? How can you stay calm, upbeat, and motivated despite other people’s grumpiness, rudeness, or pessimism? This program is all about helping you (and your people) be your best. Even though you may not be able to change your colleagues, staff, or even your boss, you can reduce your stress and frustration by changing how you respond. Staying positive and calm is easier when you learn how to build your immunity.

This course teaches you Tina’s proprietary five-step “Immunity to Negativity Formula™”. You’ll learn simple techniques for staying calm and choosing to respond as your best self. This is a key skill you can build for yourself so you can enjoy less stress and frustration. You can even teach others so they can improve customer service, teamwork, and relationships within your company. 

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