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Keys to Building an Inclusive and Culturally Competent Workplace: A Guide for HR Professionals and Business Owners


Credit Total: 1 Credits: General: 1.5 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Shannon T. White Duration: 1.5 Hours Course Level: All Levels SKU: 491875 Categories: , , , ,


HR Professionals are business leaders who, regardless of their level of experience, are responsible for maintaining a high level of interpersonal proficiency in their job function. The willingness to gain a genuine understanding and respect for diversity and the incorporation of a safe and inclusive environment of employees in the workplace, is a strong measure of the HR Professionals’ efficacy in this area. This training is geared towards improving and/ or elevating the HR Professionals’ knowledge of cultural competence in the workplace and what it means to truly adopt a culture of diversity and inclusivity. When HR professionals take responsibility for teaching others about the differences and benefits that multiple cultures and diverse backgrounds bring to the organization, research shows that companies are more likely to win top talent and yield improvement in customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making, as well as a cycle of increasing returns.

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1.5 Hours

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All Levels



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