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Creating A Coaching Culture in Your Company



Credit Total: 3 Credits: General: 3 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Mario Flores, PCC, MBA, CPA Duration: 3 Hours Course Level: Basic SKU: 418696 Categories: ,


This course explores the coaching principles, concepts, frameworks, techniques and competencies that will lead to a management style that  emphasizes coaching as a style in lieu of a more autocratic or even more participative approach.  The course illustrates how a coaching style leads to a highly desired company culture.  This process takes the attendee through a coaching process that can be applied to various situations.  Results from coaching are covered as are measuring the success of coaching.  The attendee will walk away with the skills necessary to begin leading their company towards a coaching culture that will leave employees motivated and driven to higher levels of innovation from the empowerment of the new coaching culture.

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3 Hours

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