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Character and Trust: Without Them is Like Exploring a Cave Without Proper Lighting, the Footing is Treacherous



Credit Total: 2 Credits: General: 2 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Mario Flores, PCC, MBA, CPA Duration: 2 Hours Course Level: Intermediate SKU: 418689 Categories: , ,


This course is based on the premise that one typically hires for competence but fires for character.This course focuses on the character and trustworthiness of the individual.  The course takes you through critical attributes of character and provides for gaining self-awareness of where one stands in their character through a key exercise.  The emphasis is also on trust, a critical ingredient to successful relationship management.  Several  tools and approaches are discussed in the course that will assist and guide the individual in effectively evaluating the trustworthiness of themselves or others, including bosses, direct reports, peers.

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2 Hours

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