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Appreciation Intelligence: The New AI



Credit Total: 1 Credits: General: 1 Course Type: Webcast Faculty: Roger Wolkoff Duration: 1 Hour Course Level: All Levels SKU: 477000 Categories: ,


Appreciation affects your bottom line and your workplace culture. Don’t think so? Think again! Your customers, clients, and co-workers want and need to know they are appreciated. How do you show them appreciation? You show them in their preferred appreciation style. 

You have a bias for how you like to receive appreciation, and so do the people with whom you work.

In this program, we will build on the research of Gary Chapman and Paul White on appreciation languages – words, time, service, and gifts. 

Appreciation is a skill and practice that promises to influence your work life positively. You will experience strategies you can employ in your day-to-day lives to improve your team culture and manage work relationships.

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1 Hour

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All Levels

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