Covid-19 for HR Professionals

HR Education is here to help during this critical time. We are all facing a grave challenge and it is key for HR professionals to know the critical information to correctly respond to the crisis. HR Education is providing a live stream option to provide key information for all businesses.

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As COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) has spread throughout the country, we have all faced a host of issues and constantly-evolving concerns and adjustments. While the general public must face many important issues, employers also must address their involvement in this national crisis. This presentation will address what employers need to know regarding coronavirus issues in the workplace, including leave issues and other legal implications. The presentation will also touch on governmental regulation being released related to workplace procedures during this time.
Learning Objectives/Major Subjects: (1) The presentation will highlight state and federal coronavirus regulations both passed and proposed regarding the workplace so that employers know their new legal requirements; (2) The presentation will highlight the relevant application of existing employment laws to the coronavirus so that employers know their existing legal requirements; (3) The presentation will provide employers with a roadmap for addressing this crisis in the workplace.

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