Partner with HREN

HR Education Network's Roots

At HR Education Network, we have a long history of successful partnerships. To give a little bit of background, HREN's parent company is Business Professionals' Network, Inc. BPN was founded in 1997, with a mission of offering high-quality distance learning to professionals in the most effective and convenient way possible.

A History of Partnership Across Industries

With programming geared for several different industries (accounting, legal, insurance, and now HR), we have made it not only a priority, but a practice, to find and nurture content as well as strategic partnerships. We now partner with more than 100 content partners. Additionally, we partner with over 40 of the state CPA societies in our accounting vertical. Over 40 of the state Independent Insurance associations, and are pleased to have established our first HR content and partner organizations, as well. And we are excited for MANY more!

What Types of Organizations Partner with HREN?

No two partnerships are alike. The reason for that, each organization, company, association, has its own unique needs and brings something different to the table. However, the two main types of partnerships are Content Partnerships and Partner Organizations.

Content Partners

Our Content Partners are typically expert presenters, HR practitioners, or instructors who can provide relevant and engaging content for HR Test Preparation and/or Recertification. They bring their expertise and knowledge, and we provide the cutting-edge video technology and distribution.

Partner Organizations

Our Partner Organizations come in all shapes and sizes, but typically they all have one thing in common: they have an audience or membership with an interest in Human Resources. Again, we work with our organizations in a very custom way, but partnerships typically include one or several of the following:

  • Content Sharing
  • Capture and Webcasting of Conferences and Events
  • Coordination of Virtual Conferences
  • Coordination of Member Benefit Opportunities
  • Assisting in Creation of Organizations Own Online Content

Want To Partner with HREN?

If you're interested in learning more about a potential partnership with HR Education Network, please email or call 617-519-6790 to discuss.

We can't wait to partner with you!